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St. Louis-based cuddlecore trio Bunnygrunt originally comprised guitarist Matt Harnish, drummer Karen Reed and bassist Renee Dullum, all three of whom swapped vocal duties. Formed in early 1993, the group debuted later that year with the Silly Moo label single Criminal Boy; a series of other seven-inches followed, among them the EPs Standing Hampton and The Bunnygrunt Family Notebook. Signing to the No Life label, Bunnygrunt recorded their debut LP, 1995's Action Pants!; according to rumor, when Dullum quit the band prior to the album's completion, she abruptly took all of her songs with her, accounting for the disc's brief running time and scant number of tracks. With new bassist Jen Wolfe, Bunnygrunt returned in 1998 with Jen-Fi; the trio disbanded soon after, with Harnish and Reed continuing on as the See-Thrus. After their song Season's Freaklings was used in the movie Bad Santa, the group reformed and released the Karen Hater's Club album in 2005 on the Happy Birthday To Me! label. With new drummer Erik Von Damage, and on-again-off-again guitarists Jason Hutto, and Mario Viele (of The Pubes), they did some small eastern tours in the spring and summer (with and without Karen) and became a regular highlight of the Athens Popfest. In 2009, they drove to Athens, GA to record with Jason NeSmith (of Casper & the Cookies), resulting in another HHBTM record, Matt Harnish & Other Delights. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

LCS: I've got to start by asking what's with the early band rehearsal? That's not your typical rock & roll hours. Matt Harnish: When most of your band are bartenders, that's the only time you can do it. [ laughs ]. It's sort of a different kind of brain-weariness, as opposed to 11 .

Bunnygrunt - Standing Hampton EPBunnygrunt - Standing Hampton EPBunnygrunt - Standing Hampton EPBunnygrunt - Standing Hampton EP